Scape room – choose your own adventure

Sin "salida"

saladeescape-sinsalidaIn the middle of 2017 the renowned Professor Maximilian Liechtenstein, for reasons still unknown, has expanded the CS4 virus, whose violence has exterminated 80% of the world population….

Willy Wonka

saladeescape-willywonkaThe world’s best candy maker has made a decision. He will select a team to inherit the best chocolate factory in the world. There are many people who aspire to such an honor…

The 3 boxes

juego-las3cajasThe challenge of the 3 boxes is a GAME DESIGNED FOR EVENTS AND LARGE GROUPS, to perform for a minimum of 5 people and up to a maximum of 25, playing at the same time…

What is “Sin Salida” or “Willy Wonka”?

Two scape rooms in Bilbao (Barakaldo).
Also called  “scape game”.

What is an scape room?

It is an adventure to play for 2 to 5 people.
You enter a room or room where you must discover a mystery or solve an enigma and find out how to get out in less than 60 minutes.

What is the challenge of “The 3 boxes”?

The challenge of the 3 boxes is a game designed for events and large groups, to perform by a minimum of 5 people and up to a maximum of 15-25, playing at the same time.

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