Terms and conditions

This document contains the Conditions that rule the use of this website www.saladeescape.com (from now on the Website) established in Nafarroa Kalea, 16 – 48902 Barakaldo.

For users´ communication and notifications purposes to the Website, please e-mail to the following address is: info@saladeescape.com and contact to this phone number 635 47 27 13.

Booking on our Website (www.saladeescape.com) you accept the incorporation of your personal data into an automated file, which is intended to keep you dully informed about the news of our services.

In any case, user guarantees the accuracy of the information provided at the moment of submitting an information request. According to current regulations regarding the personal data protection, the file owner is committed to comply with the obligation of professional secret in relation to these data and the duty to protect them, ensuring confidentiality, and adopting any appropriate technical measures to prevent any alteration, misuse and unauthorized access.

Personal data provided by users will not be disclosed to any company and will be used only for sending information about the services offered by saladeescape.com. In no case personal data will be disclosed to third parties.

Users of this website have the right to access, rectify, oppose and cancel the data contained in the automated data file. They must apply to escape room ´SIN SALIDA´ writing to Nafarroa Kalea, 16 bajo – 48902 Barakaldo or by sending an email to info@saladeescape.com with their personal data, user´s ID copy, the email address provided to the website and user’s signature.

The Price is 50,00 € (taxes included) per game. All rates on the Website have included the taxes provided by law according to the Spanish applicable legislation.

´SIN SALIDA´ reserves the right to apply discounts for promotional reasons in relation to specific dates or timetables. These discounts shall be subject to changes and modifications and they shall be applied for a determinate time.


  1. At the moment of booking a session, the team agrees to play on the chosen date and timetable.
  2. The reservations shall be made through our website by clicking on the section ´Reservations´ and providing real contact details (full name, ID number, email address and phone number).
  3. If the data provided by user are false or erroneous, ´SIN SALIDA´ is not responsible for the problems arising from the impossibility of contacting user to inform about unexpected events related to the reservation.
  4. ´SIN SALIDA´ accepts payments by bank transfer, credit or debit card, by phone call or in cash at ´SIN SALIDA´ premises.
  5. In bank transfer payments, users assume all costs or charges that their bank may include (taxes…).
  6. In case of bank transfer option, if payment is not deposited in ´SIN SALIDA´ bank account in 48 hours, user will receive a reminder e-mail warning that if payment is not received before midnight that same day, the system will automatically cancel the reservation.
  7. Payment by credit or debit card method will be made by Redsys secure payment.
  8. In case of Paypal method, user must have a Paypal account.
  9. ´SIN SALIDA´ sends a confirmation email to the user with the reservation details. This email is sent to the email address provided by the user during the booking process. If this message is not received, the user must send an email to info@saladeescape.com
  10. ´SIN SALIDA´ staff may require the printed confirmation email at the moment of beginning the session. This email has nominative character, so anyone in the group may show it and enjoy the game.
  11. ‘Last minute’ reservations are booked the same day of the session and they will be paid in cash before starting the game. These reservations shall be made by phone call at 635 47 27 13.
  12. Payment methods for the gift voucher are the same ones mentioned above for a ´SIN SALIDA´ booking. In this case the user will receive a voucher with a code to enter into any purchase so that 100% will be deducted in a normal reservation.
  13. The gift voucher can be used to make a reservation on our web www.saladeescape.com. Bookings with gift vouchers will be made by phone or through the website by clicking on ´Reservations´ section. Each voucher can be used only once during its period of validity.


  1. The user will not be able to delete the reservation in the booking calendar of the Website. To do so the user must inform the staff of www.saladeescape.com through the contact form, by phone or by e-mail.
  2. Any change or cancellation in the reservation must be made 3 days (72 hours) in advance; in no case the booking payment will be refunded.
  3. If the user cancels the reservation 72 hours (or more) in advance before the booking date, ´SIN SALIDA´ will allow to make another reservation in other date. In this case, please always contact us by email info@saladeescape.com or by phone 635 47 27 13.
  4. If the user cancels the reservation 24 hours or less before the booking date, the user loses all the rights to claim as well as the chance of changing the session date.
  5. If for technical or other kind of reasons ´SIN SALIDA´ cannot provide its services, we offer the following solutions: to change the booking date of the affected reservation or to refund the current rates. The user will be able to choose the most suitable option.
  6. If the participants do not arrive on time at the booked date or timetable without prior notice, ´SIN SALIDA´ will considered that the reservation is cancelled and will not allow any change in the dates.


  1. Everyone participates in the game at their own risk. ´SIN SALIDA´ is not responsible of any user´s accident that may arise during the game if they are due to user´s negligence, improper handling facilities as well as the misuse of objects found in the escape room.
  2. The number of participants is between 2 to 5 persons. Therefore, the maximum number of participants per session is 5 and this number is unable to be exceeded.
  3. All users receive ´SIN SALIDA´ instructions related to the game and to the use of the facilities before starting the session.
  4. ´SIN SALIDA´ is an experience for adults therefore it is designed for people older than 18 years old. However, teenagers from 14 to 17 years old may also participate in the game if they are accompanied by an adult.
  5. ´SIN SALIDA´ reserves the right to refuse admission in the following cases:
    – It is forbidden to record video or take pictures inside the establishment.
    – It is not allowed to participate in the game intoxicated due to alcoholic drinks, any type of drugs or other psychotropic substance that may alter the mind.
    – If the user carries any object capable to cause damage to people or things.
    – Lack of personal hygiene.
    – Troublemakers that show violent behavior and provoke or incite any disorder in the room.
  6. Extreme punctuality is required to play; all sessions are scheduled and any delay in the arrival time will affect the following reservations, so it will not be possible to start the game if there is a delay of more than 5 minutes respect to the booking timetable. In this case, it will not be able to change the session or to claim the refund of the rate paid.
  7. The maximum length of the game is one hour. You cannot exceed this period.
  8. ´SIN SALIDA´ reserves the right to request image rights to users in relation to the pictures or videos taken within its facilities. These pictures will be hanged on the website and social networks just with a promotional use.
  9. If during the course of the game one of the participants is indisposed, this user must leave the game accompanied by one of the other participants until recovery. The other users may continue playing. In case of accident or serious indisposition, ´SIN SALIDA´ staff that controls the game may decide to stop it completely.
  10. If, for technical or other kind of reasons ´SIN SALIDA´ is not able to provide its services, the user will be informed as soon as possible by email or by phone number provided during the booking process. In case of any problems caused during a game in process, the users may start again their game another available day of their choice and with no extra cost.

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“Please read our terms and conditions before making any reservation.”

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